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Yang; the active male.

My stepfather and brothers were always into electronics. My younger brother knew how to use a computer practically before he could walk. It always felt like they were part of a secret society I wasn’t allowed to join and because of that I was never interested in technology. One activity we all did share was filming home movies. My brothers and I would create playful videos and all take turns acting and taping. By middle school our camcorder was broken and obsolete and the videos stopped. Then in college my family bought a digital video camera and I found my love for film all over again. Unlike my experience in other mediums I found that video art expressed a very different side of me. I have found that I can send much more direct messages with video. My work explores my inner thoughts and how I perceive reality. The themes tend to be darker, more serious because the medium is more dramatic. Now that my skills with digital media have improved I finally feel like part of that secret society. Electronic media has become my new tool to understand myself and communicating my thoughts to a larger audience.

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