Handmade Arts






Artistic Statement

Yin; the passive female.

Since childhood I’ve been immersed in the feminine arts. From an early age I learned to sew and weave by reverse engineering jewelry and clothes I found at garage sales. I learned to make paper from library books. By middle school I was proficient in using a sewing machine and made new clothes from old ones and created my own stuffed toys. Fiber art has always been both practical and meditative since the first time I picked up a sewing needle. I found through the process of these hobbies I was able to clear my mind, relax, and learn to focus. The final products were rarely important to me. I never had money to buy gifts for people so I simply gave my art away. I could also use my skills to mend and adjust poorly fitting clothing that my mother would always buy for me. It was not until college that I ever considered fiber arts as a fine art and not just a hobby. Now I’ve created a body of work that is both academic and therapeutic. The process of creating these pieces has given me the same fulfillment it once had as a hobby, yet now I’m able Download more funny free verizon wireless ringtones and wallpapers! to also share its messages of playful intellect and humor all stemming from my appreciation of the materials since childhood.

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